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Marcus Holmes

Ryan Spink - Director, ICSU

Sky Wood - Unity Taekwondo

The Mindset and Skills to Protect Ourselves

Dr. Bill Goodman, President

Technologies, Subject Matter Experts, Certified Master Coach

Orlando O’Neill is a force that will empower you to execute, one of the most powerful coaches I know, and my grand coach is Tony Robbins.

Fear is the number one feeling that destroys our psychology, and it does so by disempowering us. I will be your parachute for your next business decision, helping you with strategy, business development or marketing, negotiation or a merger and acquisition. I will motivate you, hold your feet to the fire and get you to your goal. My grand coach is none other than the world’s #1 Business and Performance Coach, Tony Robbins, and I have worked with my coach since meeting him in 1987. Human beings are all about patterns and pattern recognition. I motivate and empower my clients by helping them to create better patterns in business, marketing, negotiation and strategy.

David McCloskey

Master Instructor, Young Brothers Taekwondo

Orlando O’Neill’s “Tactical Strong Program” has been instrumental in making me more focused in how I approach my life and business. I have been a small business owner for 31 years and can find myself at times losing direction because of no defined plan. Orlando’s program has helped me become more focused using a “Tactical Approach” to my business and lifestyle every day. Not only did he get me focused in on my business, but also my spiritual approach to my everyday life. I agree with the fact of executing business tactics, but Orlando has also helped analyze my spiritual needs to keep me balanced in my everyday life. I find myself more accountable in planning and executing the tactics to achieve the goals for my business and am now also applying those same tactics every day spiritually, and am finding myself much clearer in thoughts words and deeds.

I highly recommend Orlando and his “Tactical Strong Program” Orlando has many years of business development experience and is very balanced in his personal life too. Orlando is also a very positive and motivated leader. I have seen how Orlando can take a negative situation and motivate that situation into a very positive outcome. His communication skills are empowering for all.

José Rossy

Professional Musician,

My name is Jose Rossy, and I am a professional musician (Percussionist) who has worked with many artists such as Patti LaBelle, Talking Heads, Robert Palmer, and Weather Report to mention a few. Orlando and I have known each other since the day he was born. He is my cousin. I have been using aspects of Orlando’s Tactical immersion program for a while and didn’t know it. As a Musician, if you are not always planning, practicing and visualizing your next move or performance, you are not learning. You learn every day from everything and everyone around you.  I have to keep a discipline that will keep me on top of my game to be able to face and solve any problems that may come my way.

It’s important to think and behave to support a Tactical Strong performance on anything you are trying to do. Orlando O’Neill is a very Professional executive and focuses on the client’s satisfaction. His Tactical Immersion Program is not just for business. It could be applied to improve your life as an individual. By using his Program to your daily lives, you will increase your chances of success at whatever you do.

Verna Koleosho-Johnson, Realtor

Sugar Land Rotary, Program Director –

If you asked the average person, they would tell you that the need to defend oneself, be aware of your surroundings, and the ability to render aid, has increased over the last 12-15 years. So it was by no coincidence, that Orlando O’Neill was asked to present Self Defense Strategies to Sugar Land Rotary on August 3, 2016. His presentation was energetic, practical, and full of engagement. Orlando’s military background, business acumen, and passion to assist, allowed him to bring in a different approach to defending oneself and helping others. Each participant walked away with something new to apply to their self-defense/awareness process.

“If you’re a business owner, a member of a civic group or a church leader, I highly encourage you to hire Orlando to speak at your next event; his message will have a ripple effect well beyond your expectations.

Aris Brills

Forecast Manager, Service Corporation International

I had the opportunity to work with Orlando O’Neill, and he has always been diligent, and hardworking, never hesitating to go that extra mile and work long hours to have his clients satisfied. He is a great salesman. besides his excellent sales skills, Orlando has a great character, highly contributing to the creation of a positive and conducive to business work environment. I would trust Orlando as a business partner anytime.

Jesus Angel Rios

Business Continuity Manager Banco Azteca, Mexico City

Orlando is a great professional executive always focused on the client service and their entire satisfaction. In his function always provided support actions, giving robust solutions to any of our requests. Orlando is one of the best executives I had the pleasure to work with.

Lorenzo F. Rogers

SFC, U.S. Army

I reviewed your Business Personal Tactical development package. A few things came to mind. For example, looking at it from the military side and the civilian side. I think it is a great plan because people have goals but do not know how to follow them. It is a good idea to write them down in that way you will see them and therefore complete them. Task Conditions and standards are what the military have me trained on for years, and it works. Civilian companies are seeking military personnel based on those skills.


Leadership Consultant, Founding Partner of John Maxwell’s Mentorship Program

Orlando is an encouraging, mesmerizing keynote speaker who understands the theme of your conference and brings focus and power to your event. His versatile collection of military, worldwide business mentorship and personal experiences allows him to mold his presentation to your company. He is one of the best consultants I’ve had the pleasure of working with. His tireless work ethic coupled with professionalism, sales ability, and a tenacity to never give up are the pillars of his character. He is also a very balanced person because his engagement in community volunteer efforts is nothing short of remarkable outside of work.

Morty Chambers

President, Performance Packaging

My name is Morty Chambers. I’m the founder of Performance Packaging in Stafford, TX. We are a full service packaging supply distributor specializing in providing better business results for our clients.

Orlando O’Neill is a friend and colleague that I’ve known and worked with for approximately 15 years. During our working relationship Orlando has proven to be an effective leader and forward thinker. Orlando was instrumental in assisting us with the launch of a retail e-commerce platform. His tactical approach assisted in planning our parcel transportation strategies to maximize efficiencies and profitability.

I’ve known Orlando to engage in tactical approaches to other areas such as contract negotiation, demand planning, as well as personal protection. He draws on his military and business experience to think and act tactically.

After reviewing Orlando’s Tactical Strong program in some detail I’m convinced that I need to approach my business planning in a different manner. We will be more tactically driven going forward to ensure our desired results are achieved.

Lee Vernon

CEO, Combative Weapon Solutions

My name is Lee Vernon. I have spent over 24 years as a full time Firefighter/EMT as well as small business owner. Over those years, I have been blessed with a lot of success and some catastrophic failures related to business. After starting from ground zero again in my late 30’s, I sat down to see where and what contributed to my business success and failures. After a lot of personal reflection, changes were made to not repeat the mistakes made. In doing so, I applied multiple changes to my business and personal habits that simply revolve around the Tactical Strong Program.

It was interesting in that when I started following the Tactical Strong Program, I actually found that with my profession as a Firefighter/EMT I was already doing a large portion of the program without even knowing it. As a Firefighter, I do not have the privilege to have a bad day like most professions. A bad day in my profession means my partners or myself get hurt or potentially do not get to go home. That is not an option. In our profession, we build our reputation based around positive core values, close working relationships with crew members, and constantly improving our skill sets. Determination and adaptable execution is what is required to do the job to our best ability in order to save lives and property. These are some of the core values that the Tactical Strong Program sets as its foundation.

Whether it’s working my personal small business or working a chaotic scene of death and destruction, many of the same TSP applications are implemented, they are just in different perspectives and contexts. Things like making a plan, executable actions that are geared toward positive results, keeping a positive mindset, and always having a never quit attitude are what is needed in order to succeed in accomplishing your end result goals of success.

The TSP is not just for business, but can be applied to improving your overall well-being as an individual, father, mother, brother, sister, you name it. It is about improving one’s quality of life and increasing the odds of success at whatever we do. I know that since I have applied the TSP aspects, I have had a lot more positive outcomes and success than I have prior to implementing TSP. So if you want to increase your overall well-being and improve the rate of success at whatever you do, I highly recommend that you take the short time to read and then actually APPLY the steps written out in the Tactical Strong Program. It truly is a recipe for success.

Jon Russo

My name is Jon Russo and I would like to recapitulate about my company B2B Fusion Group, my background and how Tactical Strong will transform your business. B2B Fusion Group’s mission is to improve revenue conversions by generating new leads, optimizing sales & marketing business processes, and closing more business through analysis. I am a former active duty Army Officer and earned my M.B.A. in Marketing from the Haas School of Business, the University of California at Berkeley, and an undergraduate degree in Finance from the University of Connecticut. I am also a speaker at numerous industry events and have appeared on national television news outlets, including Fox News.

In my twenty plus years as a corporate consultant, I have yet to see a system that encompasses an alignment of business thinking and behavior to support a successful execution, until now. In a nutshell, Tactical Strong fosters a turn-key executable method that: uncovers hidden pivotal patterns and establishes daily executable tactics, transforms your brand awareness (differentiate yourself from competitors), enhances your customer’s experience and extends your business scope.

Orlando is a US Army veteran and firmly believes that businesses should apply what he calls a “Tactical Immersion Program” which allows companies to articulate how the following three categories apply to them;

  • Your companies’ work values and the essence of your mission statement and how it is communicated internally and to your prospects.
  • The many different developmental opportunities and resources outside of your particular industry that are available to you.
  • The last step is to pursue those opportunities that have been identified as best for your company from a tactical perspective.

I cannot say enough about the benefits and impact Orlando will make for your company as a speaker for your next event or when you decide to hire him as a “business tactician”.