Immersion System

Remove the blinders that are influencing your life and business.

About the Tactical Strong Immersion System

Founded by US Army veteran, Orlando O’Neill, now coaches anyone who “wants to get their hands dirty” in a full-force run toward significance. Based on a belief that power is in action and not reaction, the Tactical Strong Immersion System results in an increase in one’s personal life and career. Peeling the onion to create far-reaching fulfillment, this road to greatness is paved with the Tactical Immersion Program. Not for the slacker, it starts with what O’Neill has tagged “Hell Week.”

He said of the decisive approach, “You give me 32 hours over 15 weeks, and I will help you get closer to finding out what you’re here to do. It’s that simple. I’m not your friend. I’m not your priest. I’m definitely not your spouse. I’m a personalized motivating force for strategic change. And when the weeks are up, you’ll have a lifetime membership. I’m always available to you at no extra cost. It’s about your success, period.”

The Tactical Strong process begins with a mutual agreement. With a signed contract the soul-searching trek toward greatness starts. Clients meet with O’Neill once a week for one-on-one feedback, and if he finds they’re slacking, the process starts over. WORTHY? Yes, in every sense of the word.
It takes 21-days to change a habit so, with my program, I demand that times three.

“It takes 21-days to change a habit so, with my program, I demand that times three. For 15-weeks we’ll forge skills together and take the blinders off from the inside out. There are emotional blockages you’re not aware of that are influencing your life and your business. Get to know yourself first. Pay the price of getting 360-degree awareness. You have to pay it,” O’Neill adds.

So, taking this bulldog approach into consideration, what’s the program’s greatest requirement? To help others. Spurned from O’Neill’s personal commitment to help veterans, the program’s core is about service. With “Action. Purpose. And Purity of Veritas” time must be given to a charitable cause. Not money, time.

He adds, “You have to invest yourself in people’s lives or else change won’t last. The stuff that’s really valuable is not the money; it’s the time. Behavior and actions that’s tombstone worthy. You are your creed read aloud by the men and women you serve wholeheartedly. Now you’re talking tactical.”

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