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``Victory has nothing to do with resilience, but a Tactical Mindset makes the best decisions without having all of the facts.``

Who is Orlando O'neill

I want to take this opportunity to talk to you about Tactical Strong and my intentions regarding our company.

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Business Optimization Consulting

The Tactical Strong Immersion turn-key method has helped many businesses who understand the importance of commitment.

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Speaking Opportunities

Orlando O’Neill believes the tactical mindset is more than a way to run your business…it’s a way of life.

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Power of Giving

Giving is more than just donations to charity, it's about giving of yourself through your time and talents. Discover our passion projects.

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Is Your Business Tactical Strong?

Without a Tactical Strong approach, businesses function on the intuition of the company’s leadership.

Hire us to transform your business

Speaking Engagements

Orlando O’Neill’s message is about freedom and confidence. The freedom and confidence that comes from making the best decision without having all of the facts—that’s the difference between a hopeful individual and a determined and enthusiastic go-getter and that’s what he calls being “tactical strong”.