Tactical Strong. Business Focused.

I want to take this opportunity to talk to you about Tactical Strong and my intentions regarding our company.

After college, I went off to serve our Country and my friends went to find jobs. When they woke up to apply for jobs, I’d already been at work for hours. Their alarms woke them up; my alarms sent me to cover battle stations. They made plans based on how they felt; I did as the schedule that was put out to me demanded. They couldn’t wait to leave their homes; I couldn’t wait to get back. When we both look back on our respective lives, they’ll like theirs, and I am DARN proud of mine. U.S. Army.

Our professional business experience of almost 20 years is birthed from helping large and small- sized companies, churches, school boards, athletes and more than 600 people. Often, I come across many individuals that seem to be successful from a financial perspective or a personal/spiritual life but yet seem to be drowning in their minds. These two sets of individuals share one thing in common; “the Empty Look”. “The Empty Look” is something that I see very often, and I cannot criticize those people because I know exactly how they are feeling, and I am no better. We are not attempting to re-package any self-help program or to guarantee you a “secret pill that will make it all go away.”

A Tactical Strong life is about giving and sharing, remember, ``Life is a boomerang`` and you get what you give.

There is only one guarantee that we are willing to make you right now…it is never too late to become the best parent, leader and giver you could ever imagine. Again, we will not give you the answers to solve all of your problems, but we will push you just a little further until one day you will look back and realize, ” wow, I had a great journey.”

Just think about this for a second, what do you want to be written on your tombstone and what do you want your legacy to be? (which has nothing to do with your stock portfolio). How awesome is it to put your head on the pillow every night and ponder about how you were able to help somebody? A Tactical Strong life is about giving and sharing, REMEMBER…. “Life is a boomerang” and you get what you give.