Yesterday Was A Test,

Ideas are Worthless Without Actionable Tactics In Place

It's a Way of Life

Orlando O’Neill’s message is about freedom and confidence. The freedom and confidence that comes from making the best decision without having all of the facts—that’s the difference between a hopeful individual and a determined and enthusiastic go-getter and that’s what he calls being “tactical strong”.

Ideas are Worthless Without Actionable Tactics In Place

Orlando O’Neill believes the tactical mindset is more than a way to run your business…it’s a way of life. As a C-suite relationship builder, sales mentor, and executive decision-maker, he’s built and secured partnerships across, healthcare, security, logistics, IT, manufacturing, retail, and pharmaceutical industries. O’Neill’s passion is to serve individuals and corporations to reduce costs, leverage technology and deal with threats, both internal and external using the Tactical Strong approach. This concept applies to your business life, family and most importantly to your spiritual life. Stop being a window shopper!

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Orlando’s interactive message to business leaders, employees, schools, athletes and any group

How to take the surprise element out of most things in life by adopting a tactical mentality.

How to turn uncertainty into clarity and misfortune into gain.

The importance and significance of your mission statement and how it helps you live a “Zero Defects” life

How to effectively utilize the “Win, Win Situation” process to help others and yourself.

“The Airplane Oxygen Mask Philosophy of Life”.

How to embrace where you are and how to develop a zealous gratitude for life.

The three pillars of success and victory: Leadership, Communication and Execution.

The Unfamiliar Believes Success Is Luck. The Grinder Believes Success is a Matter of Stubbornness. The Tactician Succeeds and Grinds Every Day with Ease. - Orlando O'Neill

Sharpening Leadership

Orlando O’Neill is the kind of business mentor you need to help your employees and organization become ‘tactical strong’.

Becoming Tactical Strong

For nearly 20 years he has helped companies and individuals to adopt and execute a tactical approach to business. He will; not only identify your unique hidden patterns that might be hindering your success but his expertise is based on helping you to execute through what he calls a “Tactical Immersion Program”.  What good is to suggest strategies without remaining in your corner every step of the way.  You’ll want to hire O’Neill to speak to your employees or your executives at your next business event on how to reduce inefficiencies in your business process. O’Neill enjoys fostering strong relationships and takes on every one of your business challenges as a personal test, which ensures that your new set of progressive strategies are top-line. Orlando O’Neill tells it like it is! He’s the kind of person you want to address your team!

O’Neill’s leadership acumen was forged from his experience in the US Army while proudly serving in several operations worldwide. One of his many duties while in the Army was to lead the physical readiness of new recruits to insure their fitness was combat ready. His involvement in the U.S. Army and experience as a business advisor specialist brings a unique set of tactical skills which can and will create immediate and long-lasting results. With an eye for market needs and cultural experience in many continents, O’Neill has used deep needs analysis to open new business securing partners domestically and worldwide.

The most important tenets of his Tactical Strong approach are Leadership, Communication and Execution. According to O’Neill, “execution is the most critical of them all and that’s the difference between a dreamer and a doer. The doer understands that greatness begins every day with the reflection in the mirror and tomorrow is not for granted because it might be too late.” O’Neill is an optimization mentor educating leaders on how “to step out of the hamster’s wheel.” The Tactical mindset is based on making small pivotal changes every day toward the ultimate goal of “Zero Defects”

O’Neill is a highly sought after speaker and tactician. He is best known for making sure that individuals and organizations achieve and maintain maximum levels of sustainable performance in the actionable concept of “Capitulate on Uncertainty with a Certain Mindset”

Orlando is a native of Puerto Rico and left his beloved Island at the age of 18. He is a graduate of the University of Connecticut, where he earned a B.A. in Political Science and Pre-Law with minors in History, Philosophy and Spanish. Orlando is a family man with a devotion to God. An athlete and competitor by nature, he enjoys extreme activities and according to him, “Pushing yourself is not an option but a way of life instead”. O’Neill is honored to have served as a U.S. Army team leader deployed to multiple operations worldwide. He is a certified self-defense instructor in several disciplines and an executive protection specialist. O’Neill was the “Citizen of the Year” in 2009 for the City of Richmond and devoted over four years as a volunteer for the Fort Bend Women’s Shelter as a Self-Defense instructor where he helped countless of women.

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Who’s your Puppet Master?

Your puppet master is ruthless and it is like leprosy or a plague. Your co-workers, your family and friends will be influenced by your set of daily actions.


Is your puppet master empowering you or leading you to ruins? Are you controlling technology or is it controlling you? Your cellphone, texting and driving, television, social media, food and alcohol are all things that can control your life and daily decisions.

  • Do you live to eat or eat to live?
  • Are you quick to lose your temper?
  • What are your daily actions that control your emotions?
  • What’s your brain fuel?
  • Are you letting outside forces control your state of mind? If so why?
  • Are you letting excuses stop you from going to work and secure your financial freedom?

Don’t fire your puppet master. It’s time for you to take control of the strings. The Red Sea will not open for you, but you will carry the staff and point it toward your destiny of success. Ultimately, and with your heart in the right place, that first step you take will leave a deep footprint in the sand based on possible tangible expectations, a sense of empowerment, self-drive, and faith in yourself.

The future starts today! When would it be a good time to get started?